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The Cyber Why is a rapidly growing leading blog focused on technology, go-to-market, investing, and business, all through a cybersecurity lens. Sponsorship of The Cyber Why gives you access to an audience that is excited about technology and cybersecurity concerns and about staying ahead of the trends in the space. Meet your market where they live - at The Cyber Why.

The Cyber Why Newsletter Stats

February 2024 TCW stats:

  • Active Subscribers: 4000+

  • Email Open Rate (CTR): ~40%

  • Article Reads Average Last 30 Days: 30k+

  • Top Subscriber Locations: United States, United Kingdom, India, Western Europe, Australia, Canada

  • Audience Occupation: Security practitioners at Fortune 500 companies, CISOs and senior executives, investors, security entrepreneurs, and technology fans!

  • Newsletter Frequency: Once a week

  • Deep Thought Pieces: Approximately once a week

  • Podcast: Once-a-month podcast episodes. Multiple sponsorship slots are available per show.

  • Sponsorship Slots: Up to two sponsors per issue and one head sponsor per deep thought piece.

Sponsorship Details

  • Top TCW newsletter and Deep Thought sponsor slots:

    • Length: 100 words max

    • Location: Near the top of the page and a (possible) second one at the 2/3 point in the post

    • Format: Text plus image

    • Title: 80 characters or less

    • CTA: Link or button to your page of choice

  • TCW Podcast sponsor options:

    • Quarterly podcast studio naming rights (still available)

    • Opening sponsor ad read

    • Video commercials to be played at the 1/3 and 2/3 time slots

Rules of Engagement

  • Sponsors do not influence content decisions in any way unless they are specifically paying for a bespoke piece. All bespoke pieces will be noted as co-written or written by the sponsor to avoid confusing the audience.

  • We will never provide lists of newsletter members’ email or contact information directly to the sponsor. If an audience member goes to the sponsor CTA, they can provide their personal details at that time. You will get conversions if you create a good CTA that people care about.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any and all sponsorships before publication for any reason. We will provide refunds where appropriate if the sponsorship hasn’t run yet. We do not guarantee a specific return on investment numbers or clickthrough output.

Your Output From Us

Upon request, we will provide the following metrics to you:

  • The number of subscribers the email was sent to

  • The number of unique users who opened the email

  • Total views from all sources

  • The newsletter click-through rate (CTR)

  • The CTA click-through rate (CTR)

Pricing and Packages

Pricing and packaging details are available via email to tyler.shields@gmail.com.