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We are a small collection of market analysts, technology curmudgeons, big thinkers, investors, and startup operators. This is our outlet to present to the world how we see things. This is where we will predict the future, condemn the deserving, and generally not pull any punches. We write a weekly news roundup coupled with periodic deep analysis and thought pieces. You should expect everything from the confusing to the controversial. And the end of the day we just simply hope you enjoy what we’ve put together.

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Musings from the intersection of cybersecurity, venture investing, and future predictions.
Katie Teitler-Santullo is a cybersecurity content creator and muser. Her professional experience encompasses content development and strategy; research, writing, and editing on cybersecurity topics; event content management; and industry analysis.
Always trying to see the big picture, figure out the best strategy, and uncover BS in InfoSec.