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Cyber arrests, Death of SIEM, MS Total Recall, Getting Snowflaked, and the Gili Ra'anan Model - TCW EP4

Welcome to TCW Pod #4, where we serve up the latest in cybersecurity with a side of snark and wit. In today's episode, we unravel the frosty Snowflake attack, navigate the labyrinth of SIEM's future, and dig into the spicy Gilli Ra'anan model. We also dish out tales of Scattered Spider arrests and the quirks of getting a job sans network. Buckle up as we blend serious insights with a splash of humor, making the world of cybersecurity both enlightening and entertaining. Let’s dive in!


On this episode, hosts Tyler Shields, Rick Holland, Katie Teitler-Santullo, & Adrian Sanabria tackle the following key points:

00:42 - Introductions and Cold Open

Crime hasn’t been solved in other fields… so why should we be special? — Adrian Sanabria

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04:27 Have You Been Snowflaked?

In this segment, we dive into the icy depths of the Snowflake attack. It starts with a chilling recount of the breach details, where info stealers had a field day, and customers found themselves compromised. The infamous Shiny Hunters make an appearance, shining a light on the murky world of cyber threats.

The conversation then melts into a discussion about partner compromise and the ever-looming fourth-party risk, like a game of cybersecurity Jenga waiting to topple. We hear about shared responsibility, where Snowflake tries to play the role of a responsible neighbor but ends up with a "Not in My Backyard" situation when infrastructure issues and media blame come knocking. Finally, things heat up with a discussion on credential security and the many flavors of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), leaving everyone pondering how to keep their digital igloos safe from the next big thaw.

25:25 Is SIEM Dead - If So What’s Next?

The future of SIEM is a labyrinth of challenges and labor intensity. The team explores the reinvention of SIEM, predictive analytics, and the inevitable evolution of security technologies. Amidst this, a debate on whether we should replace our SIEMs or embrace the challenges they bring unfolds, sprinkled with market trends and future forecasts.

38:30 Microsoft Recall Gets a TOTAL Recall

Microsoft Recall swoops in, bringing privacy and security concerns to the forefront. The discussion pivots to the marketing and user perception of Microsoft's latest move, wrapping up with insights that leave us all reconsidering the tech giant's role in our digital lives. If Recall had been released as an Apple product, would it have been so poorly received? After getting slapped by cyber folks worldwide, Microsoft throws in the towel and executes a “Total Recall of Recall.”

The American Society of Cinematographers | Total Recall:…
Arnold in Total Recall

50:47 Job Hunting Without a Network - Is It Possible

In this segment, Katie shares the rollercoaster ride of landing a job without a robust network. Spoiler alert: she cheated a bit. With a new gig at Ox Security, Katie spills the tea on how her extensive network fast-tracked her through the hiring process like a VIP at a cyber nightclub. Her network of connections, cultivated over years of schmoozing at conferences and trading favors, turned the grueling job hunt into something easier. Katie's journey underscores the reality that in the cybersecurity world, it’s often not what you know but who you know.

Katie’s article, “Finding a Cyber Job Without a Network,” struck a chord with readers, setting LinkedIn message boxes ablaze. She acknowledges her privilege, highlighting the plight of the less-connected masses who prefer a clear divide between work and personal life. Her candid reflection reveals the industry's bias towards the well-networked, leaving the heads-down, do-the-work folks in the dust. It’s a stark reminder: in the land of cybersecurity, your network is your net worth. ​

58:40 Scattered Spider and Law Enforcement Actions

This segment spins a web of intrigue as the team dives into the latest Scattered Spider arrest. Tyler B., not to be confused with our own beloved Tyler S., gets nabbed in Spain, shaking up the cybercrime community. Rick breaks down how these cyber villains often meet their fate while globetrotting, unlike their Russian counterparts who wisely stay put. Scattered Spider stands out in the ransomware crowd, a hodgepodge of English speakers mingling with Russian groups, showing that cybercrime truly transcends borders.

Rick adds a sprinkle of Hollywood flair with a nod to Jeff Goldblum's "cybercrime finds a way" quip, highlighting the resilience of these digital miscreants. From targeting MGM to causing a ruckus earlier in the year, Scattered Spider’s antics have kept law enforcement busy. This discussion underscores the relentless game of cat and mouse between cyber criminals and the authorities, reminding us all that in the world of cybercrime, there’s always another villain waiting in the wings.

Jeff Goldblum hints at his Jurassic World 2 role (and whether he'll wear  sexy shirts again) | GamesRadar+
Cybercrime FINDS A WAY!

63:00 The Gilli Ra’anan Model

SPICY TAKE! The team dives into the controversial "Gilli Ra'anan Model," named after the founder of CyberStarts, Gilli Ra'anan. Known for his uncanny knack for success, Ra'anan's stats are almost too good to be true. A former member of Israel's elite 8200 unit and the man behind CAPTCHA (yes, he's the reason you’re identifying traffic lights to prove you're human), Ra'anan has made waves in the cybersecurity investment world.

The spotlight is on his venture capital firm, CyberStarts, and its innovative yet eyebrow-raising Sunrise program. While applauding his impressive track record, the discussion doesn't shy away from the spicy takes and potential conflicts of interest that come with such a unique approach to venture capital. As the story unfolds, the team highlights the fine line between groundbreaking success and the murky waters of ethical dilemmas in the cyber investment landscape.

75:00 My Money Don’t JIGGLE JIGGLE - It Folds! Employment Scams and Mouse Jigglers

The conversation takes a quirky turn as the team delves into the world of employment scams and mouse jigglers. Anecdotes fly, and the ethical dilemmas of multi-job stacking come to light. With humorous commentary, the discussion reveals the creative lengths people go to in the name of remote work shenanigans, proving once again that truth is stranger than fiction.

95:00 So Long, And Thanks For All The JIGGLES!

With the final notes of gratitude, the podcast concludes. The team thanks the participants, sponsors, and the dedicated production crew at Dead Inside Media. With heartfelt waves and cheerful goodbyes, they wrap up another enlightening episode of the Cyber Why podcast, leaving listeners eager for the next round.

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